A Review of the 2014 World Cup Sports Logo

What's great about World Cup logos is that there is not a template or requirement of any kind in its creation. The Olympic logos typically have the five rings and the Super Bowl frequently includes the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Not that I reject those traditions, but I appreciate and welcome the freedom that the World Cup allows.

When I think of Brazilian colors, I think of green, yellow, and blue, in that order, all influenced by the country's flag. With that said, I like the green and yellow hands that come together in the shape of the tournament's iconic trophy. I like the usage of blue for "FIFA WORLD CUP" and enjoy how it complements the shade-changing green of "Brasil" beneath it. I don't mind the red color of "2014," but I don't love it, either. It certainly stands out, but I'd much prefer the location to stand out as that is what is most unique about each logo. Yes, the years change, but is that the most important part? Not to me. Overall, I do enjoy the colors and appreciate the usage of red, but I'm not sure if I love it the way this logo uses it.

Some people have been critical of the font style used for "Brasil" but I actually love it. The World Cup is a festival and I think of people jumping around and celebrating, whether its dancing in the streets or chanting in the stands. That's what I see when I look at the font for "Brasil." The same can be said for "2014," as its decreasing size and bubbly feel has that same feeling of levity. The font for "FIFA WORLD CUP" is more straight-laced and reminds us the significance and importance of such a historic event. I'm okay with the break in theme because it signifies that it is the same event every four years at its core, with the host country providing a change in identity from a cultural feel.

The logo is centered around the joining of hands that come together to take shape of the World Cup Trophy. I love the concept and how it creates both a symbol of the tournament as well as symbol of the event. The tournament is soccer and the winner receives that very trophy. The event, however, is much more than just a game. It's about countries coming together and joining hands for a month-long stretch and that's what I see and I feel, even, when I look at the logo. One change I'd make is eliminating the space between the hands, specifically the chunk between the yellow hand and the top-left green hand. I have no problem with how the white compliments the other colors and lets them breathe, but I think it can still accomplish that with the space between the fingers and the flame-like shape beneath the yellow hand.

Overall, I very much enjoy FIFA's World Cup logo because it both connects with its host country, Brazil, and depicts the celebratory feel of an event that unites the world. 

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 Jared Sandler

Awesome Sports Logos Columnist