Sports Logo Review of the Houston Astros

The Houston Astros entered into existence in 1965. Formerly of the National League, the Astros migrated to the Junior Circuit to begin the 2013 season. 

History has not been kind to the Astros, who have never won a World Series. As a matter of fact, they've had just one World Series appearance. It came in 2005 versus the White Sox during a magical playoff run led by outfielder, Carlos Beltran. However, the Astros, who have train tracks and a train inside Minute Maid Park, lost steam against the Pale Hose, getting swept out of town. 

When the Astros moved to the American League, they evened out both sides at 15 teams a piece. With the new scenery, the Astros showcased a new look and a change of color. 

And you know what? Not too shabby, Houston. Not too shabby...
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Their new look circa 2013 has a retro-future look to it. The coloring and the shaping combines a retro motif with a new-school movement. More importantly, it is a major upgrade over their most recently extinct logo, which was flat out boring. It was an unfinished star with "Astros" is cursive script underneath. The coloring was mediocre at best, but the more I frequently I looked at it, the more I became bored by it. 

Some movies are great when you see them for the first time. Then when it is on TV a few months later, you enjoy it once more, but you end up changing the channel prematurely or waiting for it to end. It doesn't draw you enough to re-watch. Then there are some movies you can watch over and over and over and over and over. I think the true test for a great comedy is becoming timeless. 

One test for a great logo is having that same timeless look if you will. The old logo just didn't have that.

The new Astros design? Yah, I can dig it. There's nothing too remarkably flashy about it.

I'm a big fan of a logo having some representation of the city, region, or state. Maintaining the star preserves the "Lone Star State" pride. 

I like the colors: navy blue, orange, and white. They mix well with one another. I've always been a fan of the orange and navy blue and wish more teams would give it a shot. Having blue as the primary color helps illuminate the orange without having to make it an obnoxious neon shade.

I think the "H" in the middle is okay. Nothing too sexy about it. The flat tops and bottoms to its limbs give it a sturdy, pillar feel to it and I like what that adds. 

As far as the "Houston" and "Astros" text, there's nothing too fancy about that, which, once again, isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is pretty standard. 

Overall, this is a solid logo. It isn't amazing. Some movies are just solid, but have that re-watch factor. This logo is solid that will stick around for a while.

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