Awesome Sports Logos Spotlight on Pittsburg Texas


Greetings from Pittsburg Texas! I know what you’re thinking, I missed the “h” in Pittsburg but that’s actually how the town is spelled. Pittsburg is about 5,000 people and is located about two hours east of Dallas. Kendall Wright of the Tennessee Titans hails from Pittsburg. Also one of the more famous race car designers Caroll Shelby hails from Pittsburg.
When traveling through downtown Pittsburg I stumbled across the Pittsburg High School team logo and I loved it. They are the Pittsburg Pirates.



Sometimes logos just make too much sense and this is the case with Pittsburg Texas. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been around since 1887. They have had some amazing players go through the Steel City during that time. Just makes sense that if your town name is Pittsburg to embrace the Pirates. Not too much steel here in Texas and definitely not a lot of Penguins. It’s a cool logo and kudos to the city for embracing their local football team who has had great success. I went grocery shopping in Pittsburg and people were wearing their Pirate pride like it was a major league team.


 Kudos to Pittsburg, Texas home of the Pittsburg Pirates.


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Gavin Spittle
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