Helpful Tips When Buying a T-shirt Online


What, you mean you wear other t-shirts, not just the awesome t-shirts from Awesome Sports Logos? Just kidding, of course you do and we realize that fact. There are a lot of great companies offering great products. We just want to help you as much as possible with some tips that we’ve learned along the way.

1)      Google search the company for reviews- In fact, you should enter the company name with the word t-shirt reviews. The internet has such amazing consumer powers. You will truly get a sense how people feel about the t-shirt company. Don’t go by just one review but if you see a trend, it’s probably true good or bad. Besides customer reviews, there are some terrific independent t-shirt review sites. Before you put in those credit card numbers, just take a second and enter the name in google or another search engine. You might be surprised by what pops up.


2)      Is the price point too good to be true?- I’m all about low prices, who isn’t? To understand pricing, I thought I would break it down for you. There are several factors that go into the final price. A) The quality of the t-shirt. The lower the quality, the lower the price. The more t-shirts the company purchases, the lower price they get the t-shirts for.  B) The printing costs. The less color on the t-shirt, the cheaper it should be. Silk screening is cheaper than digital imaging and that’s certainly a question you can ask. C) Licensing costs push the price. If its gear affiliated with a team, you are going to pay for it no matter what the quality of the t-shirt. If the t-shirt company has to pay a licensing fee, that’s going to add to the price of the shirt.


3)      You have every right to ask what kind of t-shirt they use. If they don’t tell you then buy at your own risk. Once you know the brand, a simple Google search will show you the price of the shirt and the quality. From there you can see the mark up. No matter what, buying a $9.99 t-shirt will result in a heavy shirt with images that will crack within a few washes. You wish you could feel t-shirts through a website but all you can see is images. Usually a company using high quality super soft t-shirts will save you the energy and make it known. For instance, we use Alternative Apparel for our t-shirts. To us, we’ll sacrifice more profit for higher quality.


4)      Who are you actually buying from? – Is the t-shirt from an actual company or is it a design through athird party? The third party basically takes care of everything from the actual purchase and taking your information to the distribution of the t-shirt. The designer gets a percentage and the third party gets a percentage. It’s a very successful business model. You just need to know that the designer is not inspecting the t-shirt and the shirts are usually uniform for everyone using this service.  If the shirt isn’t to your liking, you most likely will have no contact with the designer of the t-shirt. Personally, I’d rather see the transaction myself from the order, to the secure credit card transaction, to the inspecting of every t-shirt to the shipping.


5)      Make sure they have a return policy- I remember ordering a medium t-shirt, wore it once, and it turned into a small within a wash. Granted, I wore it and washed it but different t-shirts run completely different especially when they are fitted t-shirts. You should have every right to be able to return the shirt after trying it on. Just make the decision before wearing or washing and you should get a full refund. Look for a FAQ section on the site. The more open the company is, the more I want to do business with them. On our site, we make it very clear that our t-shirts do shrink a little. I wear a larger size when it comes to our t-shirts. We’d rather tell you that info up front so you can decide for yourself. Our philosophy is that the more you tell, the less you are hiding.


6)      If you can’t contact them, why buy from them? Test the waters before you buy. Give them a call or send them an email and see if they respond. If they respond and answer your questions, then you know that someone will most likely be there for you for any other customer service questions.  


We hope these tips help. As we mentioned, we hope you do business with us but if you have any questions, I’m happy to try to help you out as much as possible. You can reach me at Happy t-shirt shopping!


Gavin Spittle

Founder, T-shirt Wearer, Logo Lover