American Sports Should Adopt English Soccer Rules

At Awesome Sports Logos, we are huge sports fans. If it’s on TV, you can bet we’re watching it. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of English Premiere Soccer or Football. I’m often asked about my worst sports memory. Was it in 7 th grade in Massachusetts when the ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs? Nope! Is it a Super Bowl loss…nah. World Series, NBA Championship or Stanley Cup loss in game 7? I have suffered with all three but that’s not it either.

My worst sports memory is when my favorite soccer team, the Bolton Wanderers were relegated. What is relegation? Each year the three bottom teams in the Barclays’s Premiere League have to drop down to another league. In America, we always know there is next season. There is rebuilding and there is a chance of free agency. I can no longer watch my team on TV. I also forgot to mention that being relegated this year because of TV and sponsorship dollars will cost Wigan, Reading and QPR, the three relegated teams approximately 68.5 million dollars. That’s more than a lot of team payrolls in America.

If teams like the Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, Charlotte Bobcats, or the Sacramento Kings knew that they’d be sent to the minors, I bet the “rebuilding years” as teams like to say would be a lot faster. The Miami Marlins should be relegated just for what they did to the fans of Miami. The good taxpayers of Florida build a brand new state of the art ballpark where the owner promised a winner and then after a bad start, that same owner sold every good player possible. Due to profit sharing in Major League Baseball, the Marlins will make more money than several teams that are competitive. Relegation would solve that problem. If you are not good, you lose a lot of money, it’s really that simple.

The other awesome aspect that the Brits’ do is a tournament during the season called the FA Cup. This is where every division plays each other no matter how big or small. The pairings are drawn via lottery. Let’s put this in perspective in America. You could have the New York Yankees taking on the St. Paul Saints independent team in St. Paul. This scenario is right out of the movie Mystery, Alaska. No matter what the payroll or the skill level, you get a shot at being the champion of England. That’s cool. I’d love to see some NBADL teams taking on the Kings. In America, we always say, “I bet a minor league team could beat these guys”. In England, that saying is put to the test. For the players, it’s a chance to be seen and impress the bigger franchises. For the small owners, it’s a chance to grab a big payday and bring pride to the hometown faithful. It’s an awesome tournament!

So how about relegation with an all in tournament in America? It will never happen but teams would completely change their game plans if the rules were changed. Speaking of England, we went international with one of our favorite awesome t-shirts, the London Beefeaters. Beefeaters have been part of English history and are ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London. Cricket is such an interesting game and how many t-shirt companies feature a cricket sports logo?


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Gavin Spittle
Founder and President