Awesome Sports Logos Breaks Down the NFL Draft

Super Spring has ended and the NFL Draft has once again left fans, teams and pundits equally hopeful and confused. The Draft has become a spectacle of the grandest scale on a platform that just gets bigger. Yet, at the end of each year’s Draft, one sentiment always rings true. None of us knows what the hell is going on.

In this day and age, with more information at the hands of scouts, coaches, and fans than ever before, you would think that predicting next level performance would be easy. We follow players longer, we see more film, we rate more significant measurables, we get everything at the click of a button, and all of us still miss big time. I don’t know why The NFL Draft is such an inexact science, but I will take a stab at why we’re so hooked.

The draft process is the perfect roller coaster ride. It starts at a healthy pace near the end of college careers and culminates with a whirlwind finish. The organizations gain pride by building cases on athletes through countless hours of work. Fans hope for the best for their teams and the worst for their opponents. Analysts get high off the potential of building a career predicting Draft stock. Most importantly, at the end of the weekend nobody’s wrong. Everyone holds hope that their player, team or pick is the gold standard. This is also the bitter pill on the wrong end of the double-edged sword. The Draft’s finish also leaves us with an incredible emptiness, because we can’t know the outcome for years down the line. After all the hoopla, pomp and circumstance, all we’re left with is hope. Nobody wins, nobody loses, just more grades and predictions.

Then there’s the p.s.s., the ultimate silver lining. By the time the world gets the final grade on each player, very few will remember who had him pegged as a success or failure. Sure, every ten years the networks will do a Top Ten Draft Busts special. Some unfortunate cases might even get a feature length 30 for 30. The majority, however, will just fall silently into the NFL abyss. Yes, the Draft roller coaster always comes to a screeching halt.

It’s in our nature to consume and enjoy this type of demonstration. The NFL Draft is a very long form, if not abstract version of an NFL game. The Draft has all the ups and downs, without the closure or finality of the W or L. We’re all addicted to football, and the NFL Draft is our bungled rehab. As a new prospect prepares to wear your favorite team’s logo, you too should consider some new garb. Awesome Sports Logos has a stockpile of t-shirts for you to hold up proudly at the podium. Let your town know how excited you are to represent them by picking an awesome t-shirt from our famous collection. With our first pick, we select….The Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt .

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