Like Him Or Not, Dwight Howard Did it Right

Before the weekend’s last firework had flamed out, Dwight Howard had made his decision. Devoid of the hijinks of his last decision and the self-imposed drama of LeBron’s, Dwight proved to be the exact opposite of what his critics accuse. Howard handled it like a man.

Sure, D-Ho teased the media in L.A. press-conferences. He seemed indifferent and even despondent through the last few games of the season. I wouldn’t argue anyone that claims Dwight gave Los Angeles the proverbial finger. But let’s skip forward a month, and look at how Howard handled the situation from July 1st on.

When free agency opened last Monday, Dwight had publicly narrowed his choices to five teams. The Warriors, Hawks, Mavericks, Rockets and Lakers were all blessed with Dwight’s interest. From this point on, Howard met with each group, and rarely spoke a word until the decision was final. There was no taunting, no back and forth, hardly a shenanigan to be reported. As the clock ticked, Howard informed Dallas, Atlanta, and Golden State that they would not be receiving his talents. Let’s pause here and agree that telling three teams that went all in for your services “sorry” is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s admirable. It’s like telling a girl that you’re moving on to someone else instead of waiting for her to find out via Facebook, and then multiplying that by 3.

And then there were two, kind of. Dwight kept Houston and Los Angeles in the mix just long enough to not completely dismiss the team that held his Bird Rights. Dwight chose Houston: the team full of young talent, with storied coach, and turned down the spotlight. Sounds pretty logical to me. For all the begging of athletes to choose substance over style, Howard deserves a nod. The guy that everyone pegged as immature and irrational made a healthy and weighted decision.

Maybe our athletes can learn a thing or two from this process. First off, you don’t have to take more money and fame when they’re left at your doorstep. This development also proves that you can be fair and respectful, while still honoring your own feelings and desires. Better yet, Dwight’s decision shows all of us East of the Staples Center that every once in a while, The Lakers suffer too.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep wearing those awesome t-shirts.

Jake Springer
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist