I'm Jealous of the Boston Sports Fan and You Should Be Too

Many say that this past Sunday for the Boston sports fan was among the greatest in their history. As a Bostonian might say, it was like a doubleheader of “wicked awesomeness”. I couldn’t agree more and I’m jealous of it. First, Tom Brady anchored another late game comeback in Foxborough against a tough Saints team. The various pass catchers names have changed throughout the years but as long as the guy throwing the pigskin is named Brady, we all can pretty much predict the outcome.

Fans had just enough time to sit down to dinner and catch their breath before the Red Sox took the field in Game Two of the American League Championship Series against the Tigers at Fenway. I, like many of you across the nation turned the game off when the Red Sox were down 5 to 1. You did too. It’s not that we don’t love baseball but we love sleep even more. And then it happened, the comeback that sent Boston fans in a tizzy. The David Ortiz grand slam which tied the game. Only in Boston do you see a police officer being celebrated with his hands up in the air as Torii Hunter flips over the right field wall. I can appreciate the historic picture that graced every newspaper but how about a little help for the guy who just sacrificed his body and almost made one of the great playoff catches of all time? I guess not.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia completed the heroics in the 9th with a base hit to win the game 6-5. Until this point, Saltalamacchia was known more for being part of the trade that rebuilt the Texas Rangers. Now he will forever be part of Red Sox lore.

How many times has this kind of double header happened in your sports life? To pour salt in the wound, Boston fans might tell you that it probably was one of the greatest days but the Patriots 3 Super Bowls were cool. The Sox winning two World Series, the Celtics capturing the NBA crown or maybe even the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972 in Game 7 wasn’t too shabby. Oh to have that firepower in an argument?

In no way am I making fun of the Boston sports fan, I’m just jealous. All of this glory happened after I left. When you leave a city no matter how hard you try, it’s just not the same. Congrats to all of my friends and family in Boston. You guys (myself included) went through a big time drought of sports glory and now you are spoiled in riches. Can we in other parts of the country borrow some?

Thanks for reading and supporting Awesome Sports Logos. I truly appreciate all of the response we’ve received. We have two awesome Boston sports logos that we created. The first is the Boston Accents baseball t-shirt. I love this design celebrating what Boston is best known for. No, not “lobsta”, it’s the accent. I can kid because my accent was one of the worst. I got rid of it, moved to Texas and then every girl I dated told me how hot Boston accents were. Uggh!!

Our second t-shirt is the Cape Cod Scrod. Our inspiration for this t-shirt was the historic Cape Cod Summer Baseball League where wooden bats are only allowed, donation hats are passed around the stands instead of admission and many players on the field go on to become baseball superstars. A scrod is a popular fish on the Cape. It can be either a young Haddock or a Cod, thus the name.

Once again congrats Boston, enjoy the moment!

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover T-shirt Wearer
Awesome Sports Logos