Top Annoying Sports Fans To Be Around At A Game

We love passionate sports fans. We ourselves fit that category. Our business is based on sports fans. However we’ve all been at games where one of the great life experiences of watching a live sporting event becomes an absolute nightmare. Usually alcohol heightens the annoyance but if we can prevent one of these from happening with this blog, I’ll be one happy guy.  
1) The Play by Play guy- If we want to hear the play by play, we’d actually bring a pair of headphones to listen to the professionals. Who doesn’t dream of being a play by play announcer for a team? What an awesome job. All the more reason for you to practice in your own house in front of your tv instead of in front of me. 

2) General Manager in the stands- “You know what they should do?”  No I don’t know and there are plenty of message boards where you can tell your story. Just because you play in a local recreational league does not mean that you know the players or the game. If it was a good trade, I’d listen but usually the trade includes three of their best players for a player that is truly struggling for your team. So you can’t figure out how much money to give to the beer vendor but you can figure out the salary cap? 

3) The constant talker- One of the great aspects of going to a sporting event with your buddy is bonding time. However, your buddy’s ear is less than two feet away from your mouth. Raising your voice is unnecessary although it’s great to hear all about your holiday plans with your family.
This category is so vast that we need to expound into sub-categories
a) Armchair quarterback guy-Doesn’t matter the sport, it applies everywhere. “Pass it there” or “That was a strike” I enjoy this one because you are sitting in the upper deck yet you can see a white ball at 90mph go over the plate. 

b) Sound FX guy-  The other night I sat behind a guy who throughout the game constantly chirped, “Yup, Yup”, “There you go”, “All right, All right”, “Cmon, Cmon”.  You know what I’m talking about.  Is he like this with all activities? If so, I feel for his wife.

4) Phone talker- With 8 words, you have not annoyed anyone. “I’m at the game, I’ll call you later.” No one has a problem with that. We all have a problem when you decide to have a conversation to recap the game so far, explain where you are sitting, what you will be doing after the game and on and on and on… My favorite is the “can you see me” guy who has the cell phone in one hand and waving with the other at home while his buddy on the other line looks for him on television. 

5) Vulgarity guy- “What the #$%%$”   Insert players name, “You’re a #$%^”.  You’re right, the kids will eventually hear it sometime but the fact a parent has to say something to you means you were likely in the wrong. You’ve seen our t-shirts so you know I’m not a prude but I’ve yet to see a fan use those same words when meeting that same athlete. We all get frustrated, we all get passionate but the players and coaches can’t hear you. The only people that can hear you is the entire section. 

6) I played the game guy- What’s interesting is if you’ve ever watched a game with a former pro athlete, they are the quietest and they’ve earned the right to be the loudest. I mentioned recreational league guy earlier. Have you ever heard the saying, “a league of their own?” This applies to professional athletes and everyone else. Maybe the equipment is similar but that’s about it. 

7) Invading your space guy- Legs straight ahead please and I’d like at least one arm rest. We’ve all sat next to that person who decides to gather as much space as possible for themselves. This same person can also be found frequently on airplanes. 

I’m sure there are plenty of other annoying acts that I need to add. With more games I go to this list will grow.  Hopefully one thing that never gets old is our t-shirts. The more you wear them, the softer and better they get. We even have a t-shirt of the month club where you can get great discounts, free shipping and who doesn’t love getting an awesome gift in the mail each month.  We love our fans and can’t thank you enough for all of your support. You guys are awesome…and not annoying at all. 

Thanks for reading

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
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