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Sports Logo Review of the 2017 MLB All Star Game

The 2017 MLB All Star Logo is out and we are impressed. For Sports Logo designers, a design centered around Miami opens up so many possibilities. The various colors, cultures and flavor make the “Magic City” unique.  So here’s what they came up with:

 There are so many things I love about this logo. First and foremost, they did a great job honoring the host team, the Miami Marlins. They used the primary colors of the team and at first glance, it looks like a slick star. As you look at the top of the logo, the star turns into the shape of a Marlin. I’ll admit, I didn’t see it at first glance and I love it when logos can fit in what we call a “hidden image”. The letter shadowing with the brighter colors is also a nice touch.

Sometimes a sponsor image can take away from the primary part of a logo but that’s not the case here. The colors of MasterCard fit in nicely with the rest of the colors and I also like the lower case on the name.

The MLB Primary Logo slides in nicely and doesn’t catch the eyes immediately. I like it because the focus isn’t on the league, it’s on the host city.

High marks to the 2017 MLB All Star Logo. This logo celebrates Miami as well as the Miami Marlins.

While we don’t have a logo yet for Miami, we do have two baseball logos from the great state of Florida.

If you head up Interstate 95 about 45 minutes you’ll hit the city of Boca Raton. If you cruise Mizner Park, you might catch a Cougar or two coming out of a shop but these predators mostly hit the bar scene at night. Introducing, the Boca Raton Cougars Baseball Club.


I love silhouette logos and I wanted to create a logo that celebrates the beautiful animal and also the beautiful woman that has created the world famous nickname. We have two ladies holding baseball bats and the Cougars lettering has a paw scratch through it.  Go Cougars!!

Our second logo hails from Dade City. Every January, 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Dade City Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people?


A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. Our logo designer Matt did a great job making the leaves into arms. This Kumquat looks like it’s ready to hit a fastball out of the park.

I love food sports logos. Some of my favorites include the Savannah Bananas, the Normal CornBelters and one of our own, the Idaho Taters.

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The Washington Nationals Emerging as a Must Watch Product

Logo Courtesy of 
Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer had an unbelievable game this past Wednesday. He managed to strike out 20 batters in his performance. This is a feat only accomplished four other times, by three different pitchers. Scherzer joins the likes of Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, who managed 20 Ks twice in his career.
Scherzer went the full nine innings against his former club, the Detroit Tigers, managing to only toss 23 balls in the game. There’s no doubt that Detroit wished he was still a Tiger, as they ran smack into one of the best pitching performances the righty has ever had. Fourteen of Scherzer’s strikeouts victims went swinging, while the final six were called after excellent placement.
The Washington Nationals are in a close race in the National League East, sitting second behind the New York Mets by just half a game. Their success comes from both the offensive and defensive side of the diamond, as the pitching talent and batting talents are complimentary. That being said, the offensive power took a hit several days ago.
Nationals phenom, and arguably one of the best players in the game right now, Bryce Harper, received an undisclosed fine and a one-game suspension after screaming some rather… adult… language at an umpire after a Washington win this past Monday. Harper was ejected earlier that game, for arguing balls and strikes with the ump. After the Nats pulled off a comeback win, Harper was caught on camera yelling profanities at the same umpire that ejected him. He has appealed the suspension, and is awaiting a hearing.
In more positive news for the Nationals, Stephen Strasburg signed an extension with the club. The seven-year, $175 million deal is definitely no joke. Even though he has undergone the infamous Tommy John surgery, Strasburg netted an incredible amount of money. The general consensus is that Strasburg could have made way more money in free agency, but his loyalty to the Nats trumped big bucks.
If Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg can keep delivering from the hill, and if Bryce Harper can stop trolling Major League Baseball umpires, the Washington Nationals might have a legitimate shot at making a deep run into the postseason.
In fact as we post this, Harper hit a 7th inning 2 run Tater that lifted the Nationals over the Miami Marlins, 5-3. Harper is a stud. I don’t blame the Cubs for walking him six times in a game. 
Speaking of studs, we have the perfect baseball t-shirt for you. Guys dig Cougars and it’s very common for guys to go Cougar hunting. The overpopulation of cougars is prevalent mostly in the upscale Boca Raton neighborhoods. You can find cougars in shopping areas during the day, but mostly they are nocturnal beasts working the bar and club scene stalking their prey. They are ferocious except when they are on our super funny Boca Raton sports t-shirt. That’s when ferocity turns into awesomeness.
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Milwaukee's New Alternative Uniforms Are Awesome

The Milwaukee Brewers are bringing a touch of class back to Major League Baseball. On Tuesday of this week, the Brewers announced that the club is going to sport the old-school ball and glove logo, to be featured on their alternate jersey rotation. Let’s take a look at the jersey and cap combo, and jump right into the analysis!

Introducing a new alternate uniform for 2016! See it in person on Sunday at #BrewersOnDeck:

Embedded image permalink

 (photo courtesy of the Brewers Official Twitter Account)

Wow. Just look at the simplistic beauty. Starting with the jersey, we see class and tradition. The gold color accents the “Milwaukee” lettering just perfectly. The blue consumes the jersey, giving it a comfortable and warm feeling. With the gold accent, the lettering really pops out at the viewer. It isn’t too strong of a color, and just adds enough contrast to really set the jersey off. And while the jersey is absolutely wonderful, the true star of this uniform is the ball cap.

This old-school logo was previously a part of the retro outfit for the Brewers, but now that it is added to their alternate uniform rotation, fans will get to see this logo almost weekly. That’s a definite treat for Milwaukee fans! So let’s jump right in to this glove and ball logo.

Honestly, I smile every time I look at it! At first glance, it’s so simple. A ball and a glove. What a breath of fresh air, in comparison to some of the more complicated MLB logos! It looks like this team got back to the basics, and really made a connection with the fans. But when you look harder at the retro logo, you see more than just a traditional ball and glove. It’s an “M” and a “B” that make up the glove. The Milwaukee Brewers definitely got their money’s worth with this one! Cleverly designing the glove with the team’s initials was brilliant! I am truly digging this look. I can’t wait to watch Milwaukee wear it in action!

You know who else you should see in action? The Cape Cod Baseball League. Cape Cod will fill your belly with amazing seafood, and fill your heart with amazing baseball!  If you are a true baseball fan, you need to go see this league. The best part is that it’s free to sit in the stands. They pass around a hat for donations. It doesn’t get much better than that. Some serious major leaguers have come through the Cape. We’ve blended these two passions to form the Cape Cod Scrod.

A Scrod is a small cod and if spelled Schrod, it could be a haddock. Either way, it’s delicious, as is this logo. Enjoy this Cape Cod sports logo t-shirt. This would make a great selection in our T-shirt of the Month Club

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Major League Baseball's Safety Dilemna

Earlier this week, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, asked for all teams to extend the safety nettings in place. This request comes after a lawsuit was filed, claiming that the league was negligent in not requiring the netting to extend from home plate to each foul pole. Due to the high-profile attention the case is receiving, Manfred issued the request to all 30 Major League clubs.
The request is just that: a request. The commissioner is not mandating or requiring the change, but rather leaving the details up to each individual club to manage. He urges clubs to find ways to make their stadiums safer to all fans who enter, without losing the beloved watching experience they have come to expect.
According to the Commissioner’s Office, they have “retained a consultant specializing in stadium architecture and protective netting,” in order to assist the teams. The statement from the commissioner also includes a section asking teams to further educate fans on the hazards they may face inside the ballparks. Currently, most clubs use fine print on tickets, the occasional announcement and a few signs around the park.
The commissioner stated in an official press release, “Major League Baseball prides itself on providing fans in our ballparks with unparalleled proximity and access to our players and the game taking place on the field.”
While it is highly unlikely that a “perfect medium” between safety and experience exists, the commissioner must get as close to that standard as possible. Failing to find that equality could lead to hazardous consequences for the league.
Major League Baseball has to be careful how they approach this situation. They are walking a fine line, between safety and experience. Should a ball game become too unsafe, a majority of the fans will quit going out to stadiums. However, should the game become less of an immersive experience, you risk the same fate of losing those fans.
With more power hitters entering the league each season, balls are flying off bats at an even faster pace than in previous seasons. The risk of injury from a foul ball seems likely to grow with each season to come.
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They are slamming more homers than any other team in their league! Who wouldn’t want to wear a mean looking potato on their chest? This super soft Idaho sports logo t-shirt is awesome and a terrific addition to your wardrobe. Add them to your rotation in our t-shirt of the month club, which you can learn about here.
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Sports Logo Review of the Minnesota Twins

My familiarity with the Minnesota Twins was heightened at a young age thanks to the kids movie, Little Big League. Billy Heywood was a legend and Lou Collins was that guy everyone wanted on their team. It's also one of the catalysts that helped me settle on Ken Griffey Jr. as my favorite player ever, but that's besides the point. 

The movie, plus the real-life team's struggles as I was growing up, gave them an underdog, easy-to-like status. I think those leanings always left a positive connotation with their logo, but, recently, I discovered something that makes me even more partial to the logo. More on that coming up…

First, let's get something straight: the Twins's logo is pretty darn good, but not great. It has all the elements I like--color scheme, significance, and simple detail—but lacks that star quality that takes it over the top. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.
Logo courtesy of
You can never go wrong with (scarlet) red, white, and (navy) blue as your colors…it is just really tough to mess up. And I think they play off each other really well, too. One thing I’ve always felt about the Twins’s color scheme is that the red, either on its own or because of how it plays with the other two colors, always had a bubble gum look to it. Not to get too graphic, but the red kind of looked like strawberry gum, which I’ve always thought was great, considering that gum and baseball go so well together. 

I like that the three colors share duties in featured spots: the red owns the main letters while the blue dominates the ring around the baseball, and the white owns the baseball itself. Then, all three colors accent one element, too. The red serves as the baseball’s seams—a very natural look, obviously—the white letters inside the blue ring, and the blue outlines the red lettering. They all star and support. 

The logo doesn’t have a Minnesota skyline or falling snow or “Babe the Blue Ox” or anything that, graphically, represents Minnesota or the Twin-Cities…except, of course, the name. It gets a pass because the name, itself, is what represents the location. The Twin-Cities is such an identifiable part of Minnesota, so it is fitting that it gets representation. Most logos do it graphically, while the Twins do it nominally. Maybe that takes a way a little bit, because it lacks a more graphic tie, but I think the artwork is strong enough to supplant that absence. 

I mentioned earlier that there was something I just recently noticed. I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but the portion of “Twins” that is underlined is simply the “W-I-N” triumvirate of letters. I think that is subtle enough to not be cheesy, but strong enough to send a fun, kind of hidden (even though it is right out there), message. 

Overall, I’ll give the Twins logo a B+. 

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The Sports Logo Spotlight Shines on the Tampa Bay Rays

There is not much to like about the Rays, cosmetically. Their ballpark stinks, they get no fan support despite having successful teams, and their jerseys are just okay. But if you don't think there's much now, I wonder what you'd think of the Rays back when they had the "Devil" inside of them. Seriously, I'm not quite sure...
Logos courtesy of
Let's investigate...

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays existed from the team’s inception in 1998 until 2007. The logo had a very 1980’s feel to it…almost, Miami Vice-like. I mean, I feel like I’m supposed to wear white pants with a teal polo while looking at it. 

With the Devil Ray swimming right to left and the wave of his path angling the lettering accordingly, the logo possesses a very dark, underwater motif. Combined with the black and dark blue is a minor spectrum of colors ranging from blue to yellow, with green shades blending in between, tying the two tones together. 

Whereas the Devil Ray look appears to be more of an underwater view of things, the new Rays look is what you get while drifting above the water with the sun shining down on you. 

When the new logo came about, the idea was to truly shed the “devil” element and even transition away from an animal, more towards the bright rays of the sun. Oceanography be damned with the new look…there is no sign of the animal at all. 

The new look is brighter and, one could say, “more fun.” Maybe I’m reaching, but when I see the extended bottom stem of the “R,” I see a water slide leading right into a pool with the sun splashing down. 

So, which one do I like better? While I enjoy the 1980’s color scheme, I much prefer the new look…the colors seem fresher. I’ve always been a fan of the dark blue and the light blue paired with one another, though others don’t share the same opinion. Add in the sun-splashed yellow as a great accent and the colors are rocking.

The Devil Ray is a much stronger mascot, in terms of tangibility and intimidation, but I think the presentation of the sun ray is done better than was the presentation of the Devil Ray. The animal version had no personality…it was just a blob, kind of. 

As far as the regional tie, both have loose connections, each by way of the water. It would be kind of funny if the newer incarnation had a rain-version that randomly appeared every half hour for about a minute at a time. But neither really stands out in this way. 

Ultimately, give me the new look by just a smidge, but I do miss the 1980’s coloring from time-to-time. 

Just outside Tampa, lies Dade City, the home of one of our Awesome Sports Logos super soft baseball t-shirts. The city of St. Joseph in Dade County Florida is known as the Kumquat Capital of the world. Each year 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people? 

What is a kumquat besides a funny name? A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. We decided to take a cute looking fruit with a funny name and make it into an awesome baseball logo. A funny name with a funny logo equals a top of the line funny t-shirt in our book. We hope you like our Dade City t-shirt!

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Thanks as always for reading,

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