Oklahoma City Sports Logo Review

The Oklahoma City Thunder have am outstanding basketball team headed by one of professional sports' most liked superstars, Kevin Durant. They're fun to watch, have a great home atmosphere, and presently have that 'close, but not quite yet' label that appeals to sports fans. Despite all this, they have a pretty poor logo. 

First of all, abstract nicknames such as 'Thunder' present some challenges, but maybe even more opportunity. Abstract nicknames free you from a set way of thinking. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure OKC took advantage of this. 

The Thunder's logo is about as generic and boring as can be. It's as if they took a template logo in a magazine and made no creative changes whatsoever. 

There's a basketball--that's the sport they play...how creative--a shield-shaped badge with OKC within it, the nickname's text up top, and a line through the middle that comes just short of resembling lightning. 

Nothing about this logo is either unique to Oklahoma or Oklahoma City, not is there anything specific to 'Thunder' like a bolt of lightning or a tornado, which is a major (and intimidating) part of life in Oklahoma. 

As the state's lone professional team, the Thunder do an outstanding job as ambassadors with their outstanding game experience, dedicated fan base, and on-court product. But I feel like, in representing the state, they should really represent the state and they just don't. No buildings, no history, no creative detail that connects with Oklahoma. 

Maybe I'm just ignorant, but when I think about Oklahoma City, I think about tornados and, unfortunately, the Oklahoma City bombings. For that reason, I'd love for the state's  first pro sports team to show more state pride. 

What do I like? 

I like the presentation of 'THUNDER' in both color and font. While I'm not a huge fan of the color combination, I think they're balanced well which boosts the juxtaposition, and I also credit them for the pairing which I don't think exists elsewhere. I'll also throw them some credit for the lining and feel that the logo is swirling, like a storm. 

Not a big fan of this one if you couldn't tell. I am a big fan of many of the logos at Awesome Sports Logos like...
It's Awesome Sports Logos only made up city but it's certainly worth the exception.
This is the perfect example of what's wrong with today's sports logos. How is this not already a professional sports logo in Idaho? This would be a merchandise gold mine and of all the t-shirts that Awesome Sports Logos offers, this one gets asked the most, "Is that a real team"? 
So let me get this straight, it's a tree holding a wooden stick? Ironic, a little but I'm not going to say anything to this mean looking tree. Only at Awesome Sports Logos would they think of this. 
Sorry OKC, the good news, awesome young team with a bright future. The bad news, you probably could use a logo tuneup.
Thanks for reading!
Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist