Rutgers Athletics From Bad Publicity to Worse

When the Scarlet Knights dismissed basketball coach Mike Rice and appointed Julie Hermann as Athletic Director, they couldn’t have possibly seen this coming. Less than a New York minute had passed since the University cleaned house when allegations involving Hermann arose. If you believe the reports, Hermann has just as much baggage as former coach Mike Rice. While this story hasn’t reached the Federal level, it’s starting to become “Penn State bad” for Rutgers. Hermann denies all allegations but Governor Chris Christie has said that he’s going to ask questions and state legislator Richard Codey says that the situation is becoming, “Comedy Central”. There’s no question that the school can’t afford this. The real question is; “Is there any hope on the horizon for Rutgers and what its logo represents?”

There’s not exactly a history of benchmarks to cite when assessing the Scarlet Knights’ situation. The high points for the Athletic program this century are on a proverbial short list. Storming the field during (current Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach) Greg Schiano’s tenure and harboring current superstar Ray Rice briefly come to mind. Even Happy Valley (while tarnished) has a legacy to present to recruits.

Rutgers had to have high, if tempered hopes when they hired Hermann. Not to swing the sword of sexism, but hiring a woman of her stature suggests sentiments like care, no-nonsense, and precision. Unfortunately, Hermann’s credentials now include a damning letter and consequent press conference.

Rutgers will no doubt forge onward vetting every potential hire and move, leaving no room for error, maybe. It’s a bit shocking they missed this issue in the first place. Regardless, the Scarlett Knights have no choice but clean this filthy tile with an electric toothbrush boosted by nitrous oxide.

At this point, the Rutgers emblem represents little, if nothing of merit. There’s little hope that this will change anytime soon. The only axiom that can save the Rutgers logo at this point is the age old adage, “ Winning Takes Care of Everything”. Best of luck to you in the W column, Scarlet Knights.

Jake Springer
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist