NBA Playoff Basketball The Way it Should Be

It's the 2013 NBA playoffs and Miami is riding high in the East, but the West is having all the fun. What’s going on in the Western Conference of the NBA playoffs right now is everything basketball fans could hope for. The Grizzlies and the Warriors are making things fun in a way that we haven’t seen in years.

I proclaimed in an earlier blog that if your team didn’t make the final 16, you’d either abandon the playoffs altogether, or search desperately for stories to keep you on the hook. To quote the immortal line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, “print the legend.” You’ve got your stories. Media monsters posture each year about underdogs and upsets. This soapbox dance is nothing more than a corporate line towing. Spoiler alert: the networks, frequencies, and papers want to make you interested. In these NBA playoffs, their jobs are obsolete.

The Steph Curry led Warriors are doing something amazing against the Spurs. The large seed disparity seems like an old wives tale. In the blue corner, the Grizz look like they’re toying with the Westbrook-less Thunder. Sure, many pendulums have arbitrarily swung the other way to reach this point, but isn’t this just what we need?

The tide will most likely turn. It’s early. In all probability, the Finals will give us a matchup many could’ve predicted in November. But that’s exactly why we should appreciate what’s happening right now. This party has become strange and intriguing, a far cry from the stale pattern of playoffs past. So please, if you haven’t already; turn on the tube, read your morning news, call in to your local sports station. There’s no story to manufacture, so throw these guys a bone. Right now, the NBA playoffs are fun, and it’s time to embrace that notion.

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