The NBA Playoffs are Here, Do You Care?

The NBA Playoffs are here, and if you’re team isn’t among the sixteen, you probably aren’t too invested. Sure, you’ll watch the last five minutes of a few first round games, you’ll catch the highlights on SportsCenter, but overall you’ll function as a casual fan. Perhaps you occupy the space between fringe playoff spectator and full-on playoff junkie. If this is the case, you’ll find yourself searching for small stories and tidbits that can carry your interest to the Finals. Will Lob City or Memphis take the next step? What becomes of the Kobe-less Lakers? Is San Antonio finally too old to last? Can the Knicks return to dominance in the East? Then, of course, there’s the ever-present band wagon that all basketball fans can jump on at any time: not who to root for but against.

For the past few years, the team of the viewer’s ire has been the Miami Heat. Ever since the “Big Three” got together and promised multiple championships, they’ve had their haters. That group may have gone underground for a while following 2012’s championship run, but there still around, just waiting for the chance to pop up again. As we all know, the Heat (Lebron) did this to themselves. They made sure that one championship wouldn’t be good enough. After all, if King James hadn’t promised upward of half a dozen rings, wouldn’t they have already fallen into place with the great teams of history? Be great for a long time, just win one championship, and you’ve got your spot in antiquity. That wasn’t good enough for a sound bite back in 2010. However misguided or immature, one title and a boatload of wins wasn’t good enough for Lebron and company for that fleeting moment.

The Heat will be scrutinized through every step of the playoffs. Through every nail-biting win, tough loss, and questionable call the Haters will be looking to point, and the Heat will be driven by it. Miami will be driven to blow past every opponent, through every game on their way to a second trophy. Here’s the rub: the Heat don’t have to go 12-0 on their way to the Finals. If it takes the full twenty-eight games to get the “Heatles” another ring, it won’t matter. All they have to do is win it all, and no one will remember what happened in the preceding three rounds. Easier said than done, of course, but this message isn’t for Miami, it’s for the rest of us. For those who want to scratch the back of every coach and team that blocks a Lebron shot in the 4th quarter, save your breath. Save it for the Finals, when it really matters. If the Heat don’t get there, you’ll know when the climax is coming, and you’ll know when to pounce. Odds are Miami will endure a typical “great team” run and be matched against a worthy opponent. Put your eggs in the West’s basket and hope they hatch in June. Next year no one will remember what happened in April, so set your sights on summer.

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