Cock Blocking is Not Cool unless its an Awesome Sports Logos T-shirt

Some say the term “cock block” dates all the way back to 1972. The term is so commonly used that it’s in the dictionary. Okay, it’s the urban dictionary but it still says dictionary right?  Who would have thought that such a term would turn into our best-selling t-shirt? Well, we actually had an inkling because we here at Awesome Sports Logos have some pretty sick minds.

So here’s how the t-shirt concept came up. I woke up early on a Saturday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was thinking about t-shirt names which by the way happens far too often and I rushed out of bed because there had to be a Cocksville in the United States. Sadly, the closest I could get is Cockeysville Maryland but it just wasn’t the same. I was so disappointed and then the light bulb went on above my head.  I think in this case it was the sun rising but you understand the reference. “Heck, I should just make the town name up just like I made the logo up”? From there the Cocksville Blockers was born. Cocksville sounded better than Cockstown, and Cocksbury. Here’s three time Super Bowl Champion Ted Johnson proudly wearing his Cocksville Blockers t-shirt.

 Ted told me that he likes this shirt better than his Super Bowl rings. Okay, he didn’t say that but a guy can dream right? BTW, Ted is an awesome guy. He was the first guy to openly speak about concussions and is also the first guy to donate his brain to concussion research. That takes guts and I truly admire Ted.

Two of my designers fought over the rights to create this logo. Unlike the NFL with their referees, I’m reasonable and I liked them both, therefore we have two different designs. We knew we had something special.
You see, we have passion for this name because we’ve all been cock blocked. I remember my college crush had finally got drunk enough to find me attractive. I couldn’t believe it.  Did I feel bad about it, of course! I also feel bad when people ring up items wrong at the register but sometimes, you just have to continue. You know what I’m saying right? So this was the big night and then out of nowhere, let’s call her Kara because that was in fact her real name, came swooping in with the infamous, “There is no way that she is going home with you tonight”. From there she was whisked away. That was an epic cock block! Now, back to the present day, I am with the woman of my dreams, someone who co-owns this awesome t-shirt venture and someone with a mind like mine that thinks the Cocksville Blockers is the coolest t-shirt ever. The first night we met, I was actually almost cock blocked by some random guy next to me. I had showed up late to our date and he began macking on her early. Completely my fault, I know, don’t yell at the computer screen, I’m the one that showed up late but I swooped in with my awkwardness and all was well. Until he uttered this line, “I’m just going to say this, this girl is a keeper and you better not blow this”. Well thank you man alone in the bar that I just met and who doesn’t know anything about me except for that fact that I do have a tendency to blow it.  As I told you previously, it all worked out and I met the woman of my dreams. I continue to say this so that she gives me permission to publish this.
Here’s SportsRadio 610 Houston morning host Nick Wright sporting his Blockers t-shirt. Thanks for supporting us Nick, way to be a “wing man” for our company!
So are you a “wing man” or a “cock blocker”? While they are complete opposites, wing man attempts can quickly turn into cock blocking. If you are the third wheel, never do the following.

1)      Talk about your friends exes

2)      Make fun of him in front of her

3)      And if you’re a guy, just don’t talk at all! We all blow it for our buddies.

If you have some cock blocking stories, I’d love to hear them. In the meantime, wear this rooster with pride. You’ll certainly get some looks and a lot of conversation. You can also buy the shirt for your buddy. He’ll quickly get the message of “You are what you wear”.

Talk to you soon and keep wearing those super soft Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts!


Gavin Spittle

Founder, logo lover and proud t-shirt wearer