Frustrated This Holiday Season, Wear This Awesome T-shirt and You Will Finally Have Peace

Tonight I had dinner in the historic North End of Boston. It’s as Italian as it gets. Every time I saw and older man in a suit, I leaned over to my wife and asked, “You think he has Mob ties”? I, like thousands of Americans are fascinated by the mafia. My mob fascination began in school when someone warned me to stay away from a girl because she was a part of a certain family. A real shame, she was a hottie! Then another one of my friends told me that he could never speak to his grandfather again because he didn’t want the FBI to trace where the call was coming from. This may cost me some serious credibility but this holiday season, I’m watching the Godfather for the first time. I agree with you, throw out my man card for that last sentence. I loved the Sopranos, Goodfellas and the Departed but have never seen the greatest of them all.

I lived in Las Vegas for 4 ½ years. Many say without the mafia and Bugsy Siegel this city would never exist. When I first moved to town my boss who was a native of the city told me the reason they don’t look for bodies in the desert is because eight other cases would open up. The more they dig, the more bodies they would find. Yikes! I think I might have had a slight mob encounter but I’ll let you decide. I once did a huge favor for a guy I met in Vegas; we’ll call him Boston Mike. He told me whatever I needed, and he repeated, “I mean whatever you need”, you call me first and I’ll take care of you. Well one day, my sprinkler system busted and was flooding my yard. I tried to fix it myself but couldn’t so I called him for a recommendation on a landscaper. He interrupted me and asked me for my address. He told me that I would be receiving a call. Within 20 minutes, a guy was calling me from in front of my house. He told me what the problem was and it was now fixed. I told him to let me know how much and he refused to even consider any kind of money. He actually sounded nervous like he wanted to make sure he did a good job. Then Boston Mike called me and said, “We’re even now Gavin correct”? I said yes and he said nice doing business with you and hung up. I know what you’re thinking. You had a favor where you could have anything and you chose fixing a sprinkler system? It’s called Sin City with the moniker, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and I used a favor on sprinkler heads. I don’t think that story will be included in the next Mob movie.  On a much lighter note, while we are mentioning Vegas, here’s our awesome t-shirt the Las Vegas Snake Eyes.

I bring up the North End of Boston, Las Vegas and now New York because these areas are talked about as mafia influenced. Some would say that all three have parts that aren’t run as well since the mob has given way to corporate America.

The Brooklyn LegBreakers are one mean hockey team. Even if you beat them on the ice, you might “swim with the fishes” later. We wanted to create a sports logo that presented itself as old school mob. Our designer Jose nailed this logo. This is the kind of guy that I picture doing the dirty work. I love the pinstripe suit with the cigar. To me, the lettering of the name really gives it a New York feel and he also added some great subtleties such as NY lettering in the hockey stick tape and the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop. Now that the Nets have moved to Brooklyn with a new arena, maybe the Devils will follow. Brooklyn LegBreakers vs. the New York Rangers. I like the sound of that.

We truly love this funny sports t-shirt and we hope you do as well. You didn’t say anything negative about this logo, did you? “You talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?”  Forget About it, we’re just messin’ with ya. So here’s how you get people to stay away from you. First step, Google a mob family from New York. Step 2, wear the Brooklyn LegBreakers t-shirt. When someone asks about the t-shirt, mention that your “friend”, first and last name with the _____ family gave it to you. It’s their recreational hockey league team. Then just use the saying, “They take good care of me”. I guarantee that person will be nice to you from that point forward. Now the catch 22 of this situation is if the real family finds out that you are dropping their name for benefits. If that happens, don’t you dare tell them that I gave you these tips; otherwise both of us will be wearing cement shoes!

As always, thanks for reading and for supporting our cause of bringing back the fun and creativity back to sports logos with our cool t-shirts.

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer