Baseball Players are Not Getting the Message. Its Time to Get Tougher

If your child continues to disobey you, do you continue with the same punishment? That’s how I feel with the news in the Miami New Times that Alex Rodriguez was one of several players who were clients of a Miami anti-aging clinic that distributed performance enhancing drugs that are banned by Major League Baseball.

Are we surprised? Of course we aren’t. Also on the list for this clinic reportedly are Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals who almost won the Cy Young, Melky Cabrera who was having an MVP season until being suspended for PED’s. That’s the same Melky Cabrera who won the All Star game for the National League and gave his Giants the home field advantage in the World Series. Then there is Bartolo Colon who gave us that “I feel bad” emotion when you see an athlete that just doesn’t have it but continues to play. All of a sudden he found the fountain of youth and had his best season since 2005. Nelson Cruz who at one point could never make it past Triple A and then suddenly, “found his swing” to become one of the Rangers best sluggers made the list as well.

The list of baseball players and athletes is a laundry list of who’s who. If I suspended you for 50 days without pay for work but you were already making $25 million per year, you wouldn’t go hungry would you? That to me seems like a good investment. I’m going to give you 25 million per year but then you’ll have to give back 8.25 million. I’m no mathematician but I believe that’s 16.75 million on the plus side. Remember, this is the same league that still feels as though the actions of Pete Rose betting on his own team are so reprehensible that the all-time hit leader needs to buy a ticket to get into Cooperstown. So the lesson is, take growth hormones early, get as much money as you can and if you get caught, just give some money back to the club that has paid you millions?

Don’t throw out the argument of, “Well steroids and HGH should be legal, who cares?”  That is an entirely different debate and at this point, I’ll side with you. As of now, there are rules in place and if you want to slow down the use, then baseball needs to toughen up. If I was the Commish and you get caught I would ban you for a minimum of two years. If you get caught again, you are banned for life. Think the MLB Players Association will go for it? Of course they won’t. It’s not about the integrity of the game anymore it’s about the money pure and simple. While you may call him A-Fraud, he’s living the life that we all dream of. He cheated to the tune of millions and while we are mentioning that famous word in baseball, “integrity”, he’s being fed grapes. Two years is a long time to sit at home. That message will resonate loud and clear throughout clubhouses. It’s time to get tough MLB and say enough is enough. You owe it to players like Hank Aaron and even the “Hit King” Pete Rose. At least their stats aren’t tainted.

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Thanks for reading!!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer