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Ladies, Give Your Husband the Gift of Climax for Valentines Day

Doesn’t that sound like a title that you would see on the cover of Cosmo? Not that I’ve read Cosmopolitan Magazine which of course I have. If your man is great at business and is really good at studying his competition to make sure he’s the best, that’s a turn on correct? So when I pick up a Cosmo magazine to find out what the “other team’s playbook” is and what you want out of a guy, how is that feminine?  Right honey? Hello, Hello? Why did I just hear a car pulling out of the garage?

Anyway, before you think this is a chapter in Fifty Shades of Grey, you need to understand that Climax is actually a real community in Virginia. In fact, the reality hit TV show Moonshiners on Discovery Channel is based in Climax. Tim Smith, the star of the show is the Chief of the Climax Fire Department. We were watching this TV show one night and I saw the fire truck had Climax on its side. I had to rewind a few times before our crack research team (me) went to work on an Awesome Sports Logo. Each year, Climax is the home to the Moonshine Jamboree. You can’t have a Jamboree and some sweet bluegrass without some serious fiddle playing.

As for the awesome t-shirt, it’s a hand grabbing a fiddle as the sports logo. What were you thinking of? If you think that we would display such innuendo then you are…well you are absolutely right. So ladies, your husband will come through big time on February 14th.  You need to do the same with this perfect Valentine gift for a guy. This will be the best Climax he’s ever received. Well maybe.

Thanks as always for reading and supporting Awesome Sports Logos where our goal is to bring back the fun and creativity back to sports logos with our funny sports t-shirts!


Gavin Spittle

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Awesome Sports Logos Salutes The Rhode Island School of Design

Originally, this blog’s intention was to bring you offbeat college team names and logos and we’ll bring you that blog soon. In my research though, I have found a college that tops them all and deserves its own blog. As you know, Awesome Sports Logo was created to bring back the fun and creativity in sports logos. Kudos to R.I.S.D and their club teams for joining us in our cause. So on this weekend of epic college football rivalries and week 12 of NFL football, we bring you a college that I have to buy some gear from.

Hockey Team

The Rhode Island School of Design Nads
Chants of Go-Nads can be heard during home games which are played at the Brown University Meehan Ice Rink. I just love how the chant of “Go Nads” is emanating from an Ivy League campus. Their mascot which can be seen cheering in the stands is called “Scrotie”. Here are some great pics of “Scrotie”. I promise, we’re not making this up.


I love their logo with two hockey pucks put in a perfect place.
Here's a great sign promoting an upcoming hockey game.

Women’s Soccer

The Rhode School of Design Jugs

It’s an indoor club league and I couldn’t find any pictures but it’s a great name!

Running team

The Rhode Island School of Design Rhode Kill

This is a great name especially with the spelling of road using “Rhode” from Rhode Island. Now I saw their t-shirts and it seems as though they are in need of a Rhode Kill logo. We can certainly help them with that. Here is our version of the Texas Roadkill.

 Not many Armadillos in the “Ocean State” so we’d have to adjust the species a little bit.

 RISD Balls basketball

Apparently Balls basketball draws quite the crowd. I even saw a picture of a lovely lady playing with the Balls. Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m serious, here she is.


Here’s the logo. Notice how there is two basketballs in the net which is extremely clever. 
I also love how they promote their games. Hilarious!!
Huge kudos to the Rhode Island School of Design club teams for their clever designs and use of words. We just might have to see if any of their graduates want to have some fun by designing some sports logos.
Speaking of clever use of words and designs, we bring you two of our designs and begin with the Intercourse Witnesses

 There is actually an unincorporated village in Pennsylvania named Intercourse. Intercourse is a popular place because of its name and because it’s in the heart of Amish country. The Amish sell crafts and take tourists on horse rides. Visitors also have a knack for stealing signs because of the Intercourse name. This village was the setting for the 1985 movie Witness starring Harrison Ford. The movie was nominated for 8 Academy Awards and won 2. Thus, the Intercourse Witnesses were born on this awesome t-shirt.

This holiday season we also bring you the Climax Fiddlers

 Each fall, Climax, Virginia hosts the Moonshine Jamboree. Moonshining is big in this area and so is bluegrass music. I wear this funny t-shirt all of the time.

One again props and kudos to RISD for their creativity which we think is awesome!

Thanks for reading and remember this holiday season you don’t need Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get a good deal. Buying a super soft t-shirt from Awesome Sports Logos will bring you lots of holiday cheer.

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover and T-shirt Wearer






Breaking Down the Presidential Swing States from a T-shirt Perspective

Breaking Down the Presidential Swing States from a T-shirt Perspective

I write this on the evening of the final Presidential Debate. This is clearly a biased opinion but this debate would be a lot cooler if the former Governor of Massachusetts was wearing a Boston Accents T-shirt and the President was sporting a Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt. Now we’re talking! Okay, I’m awake from my dream now. We don’t get political here, we just want to have fun but there are some key swing states that will ultimately decide this upcoming presidential election. Many of those swing states share a common theme and that’s the coolest t-shirts out there from Awesome Sports Logos!


We still need to get to that “Florida Hangin’ Chads” t-shirt but for now we offer two funny t-shirts.

The Boca Raton Cougars. Grrrr, those Cougars are dangerous.


 The Dade City Kumquats.

I think we might have to hit the Kumquat festival in Dade City this January to sell some of these t-shirts. I love the name and everything about this logo. 



How sweet would it have been to see one of the candidates riding the streets of Decorah on a float sporting this funny t-shirt for the yearly Nordic Fest? We wanted to create a logo that depicted this awesome event and a troll playing baseball and using his club instead of a bat really fit what we were looking for. Similar to Dade City, I can’t wait to take Awesome Sports Logos on the road to Decorah!



 Okay, quick tip as a former resident of this state. It’s pronounced Neh-Vad-ah, not Nah-Vad-ah. You pronounce this right when visiting and they’ll think you’re a local. That’s the first thing I learned. Tip number two, if you’re visiting Las Vegas, pull up a map on your smart phone and tell your cab driver to take streets like Koval and Russell or Desert Inn. Don’t get on the strip with your cab driver! The only thing spinning won’t be the slot machines; it will be your meter. Nevada is due for another t-shirt design from us in the near future. For now, we offer the Las Vegas Snake Eyes.


I will never understand why a pro sports team didn’t use this. I had one person tell me that Snake Eyes are bad luck when you gamble. Yes, it’s the t-shirt that’s making you lose all of your money and building those gorgeous buildings.



Ohio may be the swing state that ultimately decides this election. One of the biggest topics in this presidential campaign is the economy and jobs. This is huge in Akron, Ohio which is considered the tire capitol of the United States. Goodyear is based in Akron which is the fifth largest city in Ohio. Other nicknames for Akron are “The Rubber City” and the “Rubber Capitol of the World”. Therefore, if either candidate wants to get some serious mojo going in Ohio these last few days, they should proudly wear one of our best sellers, The Akron Rubbers!



Let’s just say that this unincorporated community in Virginia doesn’t really have enough votes to make a difference. I don’t even know if they have enough people to even call itself a community? Sorry Climax, the legalization of moonshining isn’t one of the major issues of this campaign. However, you receive huge bonus points for naming your community Climax and for having a yearly fiddle festival. Who doesn’t love that? Here is the Climax Fiddlers!


We left out swing states Colorado, New Hampshire and Wisconsin because we haven’t had enough time to come up with some cool t-shirt names in these states. Give us time people, we’ll get there soon. So, if you’re asking for my political opinion or who’s going to win, I plead the 5th. Some may read this expecting a serious article on swing states. My reply, this is serious, we’re talking t-shirts here. Let’s be honest, if you told the candidates instead of suits they could only wear their favorite t-shirt that would show a lot wouldn’t it?  A little more than a blue tie or a red tie, that’s for sure.

As always, thanks for reading. You guys rock and I appreciate all of the love and support for Awesome Sports Logos.


Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt wearer

Awesome Sports Logos.


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