Major QB Injuries Haunt Two NFL Teams

The NFL season hasn’t even officially started yet, and some teams have been left to scramble around and figure out how they plan to truly compete. Two notable teams have suffered injuries to their starting quarterbacks, leaving the fate of their season unknown. These tragic injuries have left the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys looking to fill quarterback roster spots, with practically no time left until week one of the regular season.

This past Tuesday, during a noncontact practice, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a terrible knee injury. Bridgewater suffered a complete ACL tear, dislocated knee and other structural damage to his left knee. Sources have reported that Bridgewater was in the process of dropping back for a pass, planted his leg down and then immediately fell to the ground. An ambulance was called, and Bridgewater was taken to a local area hospital.

The Vikings are now on the prowl for a quarterback that could potentially give them some kind of winning record this year. Shaun Hill, the team’s current backup, is a 36-year-old undrafted free agent. Though Hill did spend several years as a third string player, he has had his time in the spotlight. Hill had impressive games with the 49ers, and was a stud in NFL Europe in 2003. However, at his age and at his current level of play, Minnesota will be looking to find someone that can better handle the starting role. But they aren’t the only team in need of someone who can run their offense.

The Dallas Cowboys have had more than one quarterback injury issue this preseason. Backup quarterback Kellen Moore fractured his right ankle during a training camp exercise, back in the first week of August. At that point in time, losing Moore was not truly devastating to the Cowboys. The team had just drafted Dak Prescott, and paraded him out in preseason games to see what he was made of. After showing some success, the team was comfortable putting the role of backup quarterback in the hands of Prescott. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Dallas Cowboys again.

Starting quarterback Tony Romo was injured in last week’s preseason game, against the Seattle Seahawks. Romo was tackled, fell to the ground and immediately grabbed his back. Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere had the same exact thought at the same exact time: “Oh no, not again.” The team’s worst fears came true, and Tony Romo suffered yet another injury. He suffered a broken bone in his back and will miss several weeks. Now, the Cowboys are down two quarterbacks and also on the hunt to add to their roster, with the regular season just around the corner.

I hope both of these teams find what they need to fill their rosters. And I certainly wish their injured quarterbacks a successful and speedy recovery.

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