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The Clippers Are Making A Mistake With a Logo Change

We’ve seen plenty of make-overs across the NBA of late. Recently, two teams changed their looks: the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards. Now – according to a great article at, ANOTHER team may be on the verge of a shakeup: The Los Angeles Clippers.
The high flying Clippers are in the heat of the Western Conference Playoffs and Doc Rivers have them playing some great hoops, even with a hobbled Chris Paul. Over the past two years, the Lakers, their stadium partner/rival have become real bad so for the first time, the Clippers are the hot item in the trendy town. No longer is it embarrassing to wear Clippers gear. They have young stars like Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan that you gravitate towards. They are the hip team right now which has us puzzled why the Clippers would want to change their logo at this point in their evolution? Here is the logo that was leaked.
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The Clippers have looked like this since their 1982 days in San Diego. And after 30+ years - not to mention the whole Donald Sterling racism, controversy, maybe they feel like a change is necessary? 

One curious aspect regarding their current logo is their name doesn't match the logo. Per Wikipedia: “a Clipper is a very fast sailing ship of the middle third of the 19th century”. Some kind of ship would have been a nice addition.  

Or, maybe it’s time for a throwback look AND an entirely different nickname. The Clippers were originally known as the Buffalo Braves, sporting these two logos during their time in Western New York from 1970 to 1978.


Neither of these logos are particularly great. But the nickname works. Rhetorical question time. What’s more intimidating – a warrior…or a boat?

At, we think we have a better solution. Between the 122 teams across North America’s four major sports leagues, there isn’t one team inspired by our eight-tentacled-brethren under the sea: the octopus. It’s time to change that. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the California Crazy Eights!

We’ve even got the logo en espanol: The Ochos Locos.

You don’t want to mess with an octopus but it's pretty awesome to wear an octopus t-shirt. Yeah, they may not have a backbone. But they still have 8 tentacles and can shoot ink. AND on top of that? They’re one of only a few animals on the planet that are known to use tools. Yes, tools.

Now that we’ve scared you from going into the ocean ever again, how about a little levity? These Awesome Sports Logos franchises are not exactly intimidating but they do feature a nautical theme. It's the San Francisco Swallows and the Savannah Seamen. Both have great back stories on how they were created and how we linked the logos to the cities. 

We'll see what happens with the Clip show both on the court and with their sports logo. In the meantime, if you dig any of our gear, you can get sweet discounts by joining our t-shirt of the month club.
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