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Rising Country Star Mary Sarah Digs Awesome Sports Logos and We Dig Her

It made our day when Mary Sarah sent us a follow request on Twitter. We actually first noticed her when she sang the national anthem at a Texans game in Houston against the Carolina Panthers. That national anthem made headlines when then Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey accused the Texans of being “unpatriotic”. Here’s the video of the anthem.
Since then Mary Sarah has moved to Nashville to continue her singing career. We are rooting her on hard. Not just because she digs our t-shirts but because we think she’s truly talented. Here’s one of her videos.

Here she is taking a pic with 3 of our favorite t-shirts, The Houston Gushers, The Nashville Bootleggers and the Texas Roadkill.
Thanks Mary Sarah. Continued rise to success! Don't forget about the little t-shirt company when you are collecting CMA awards. You’re Awesome!!

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
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