NFL Teams Are Desperate To Find The Next Big Quarterback

NFL Teams continue to reach for potential franchise quarterbacks, and bad teams stay bad. At approximately 3:15 central time on Sunday August 11th, two of ESPN’s top national web stories concern rookie quarterbacks.E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith are currently more relevant than they should or will be again. A good case can be made that it takes time to judge a young quarterback. I’m going to boldly claim, before these hopeful superstars take a regular season snap, that both of these quarterbacks will join the list of disappointments. Yet, when the tomatoes and cabbage come out at the press conference, it won’t be their fault.

You would think that after years of hard evidence, empirical and subjective data, teams would wise up. Do we really need another Tim Couch or Akili Smith to inflate conjecture? You wouldn’t be wrong to contend that this happens every year. What’s new? What’s new is that in the past three years, there’ve been a multitude of absolute reaches. Due to this impossible ignorance, the league deserves to be called out, loudly.

Exhibit A: The 2011 NFL Draft.

In 2011, three quarterbacks were illogically and confoundedly taken high in the draft. Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder. Locker hasn’t stayed healthy enough to prove he’s not terrible. Gabbert “leads” an awful team (chicken or the egg?). Sure, Ponder reached the playoffs, but his new bride and Adrian Peterson are both more impressive than his poise. Something outside of the numbers convinced these teams to take big chances on these players. All three had glaring red marks next to their names going into the draft, and yet all of them were off the board before pick #13.

Exhibit B: The 2013 NFL Draft

With decent value, and less risk in the second round, we’ll leave Geno alone for the moment and focus on Manuel. The Bills picked a quarterback at #16 that (much like Ponder) gave little sense of neither vigor, nor relief at Florida State.

There are only two possible answers for these travesties: Potential and need. Teams see a skill set that’s almost there but has yet to materialize. They also see young quarterbacks around the league having unprecedented success (some accidental) and want a piece of the magic.

As I type this response, I almost want to break the keyboard. There should be no excuse or silver lining for this demonstration. I won’t suggest an alternative for teams in need of a franchise QB. All the propositions are available elsewhere (build from within, focus on defense, etc.). I just want the NFL to know how frustrating it is to see the World’s greatest sports organization make the oldest mistake in the book in perpetual ignorance.

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