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Things We Would Change About Uniforms in Sports

I'm in a list-making mood, so I'm not going to beat around the are nine things I don't like or would change about jerseys right now. 

*The NFL's governance over uniforms and uniformity gets a bit ridiculous. There are a number of examples of players trying to pay their respects to a person or a group through minor "uniform" modifications and the NFL fining them or threatening action and it is simply ridiculous. The most recent example is Pittsburgh's Cameron Heyward trying to pay homage to his late father, former NFL player Craig Heyward. Despite the subtlety of the attempt, the NFL wasn't about to budge from their stubborn approach. I understand the fundamental reason for uniform uniformity, but I think exceptions can be made. 

*The NHL needs to go back to having teams predominantly wear white at home. It's just better that way. The jersey provides a better look, especially with the contrast in colors. White at home. End of story.

*Speaking of hockey, why can't they have visors that flip up? This is such a minor thing, but I have always though that would be a cool look. 

*Players wearing a different color or styled sock always annoyed me. I've seen this a lot recently in college football. Some guys wear black socks, others white. Some wear them all the way up, some wearing them all the way down, and some in between. Some have stripes, others don't. All socks should be the same in color and style and relatively so in length. 

*Same with undershirts in college basketball. If one guy wears short sleeves, the whole teams should wear short sleeves. If one guy goes with the cut sleeves at the shoulders, all go with that style. I just think it looks a bit unorganized when teammates are rocking four different styles. 

*Along the same lines, the shirts should all be the same color, too. I'm quite confident that's an actual rule in basketball, but it should be in football, too. If you're wearing sleeves, they have to be the same color or design.

*Jersey numbers should always be visible without squinting. With the variance in jerseys these days, enough teams (particularly football teams) have alternate jerseys with the jersey numbers a shade lighter or darker than the jersey for this to be brought up. This makes it very difficult to see the numbers and, maybe this is the broadcaster in me, but I find that annoying. Plus, fans identify players by jersey number--I love number six or I don't think that seventeen guy was very good--and they should be able to see them without struggle.

*I very much enjoy seeing the Captain's "C" on football uniforms, but I don't care too much for the star system underneath. It would be one thing if a player gets a star for each year he's captain, regardless of the amount, but they cap it at four stars. For that reason, it bothers me. 

*No more eye black strips. If you're using eye black, you've got to use the real stuff. I want to see the smears from the sweat and the action. I'm the least tied to this compared to the others, but I'm more of an au natural guy.

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Jared Sandler
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