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Which San Antonio Spurs Sports Logo Wins The Championship

With the Spurs adding to their dynasty with another championship, their silver and black logo has become front and center. But existing in the background, peeking out like a kid playing hide-and-seek trying to scout out his hunter's location, is the retro "Fiesta" logo. With its tri-colored background, the Fiesta logo's been gone for more than a decade, but Spurs fans seem to embrace it more and more with each passing day. I recently withstood a friend with a massive Spurs allegiance rant for five minutes about the necessity for the team to bring back the old logo--I guess a logo can be a fan's biggest concern when the team is in the middle of building a 21-point halftime lead in a game 3 win over Miami. Whatever the case, it made me strongly consider which logo I prefer more, but after a length internal debate, I settled on the new one. 
Old Fiesta Logo 
The old sports logo is like a solid backup quarterback. These guys look good on the sideline, have fun with their teammates, make good money, and still do things during warmups that you couldn't even dream of doing. Maybe they come in for a few quarters and look pretty good here, help lead a touchdown drive in a blowout there, and, the best achievement, they "made all of the throws" in practice during the week. Fans scream and shout for this guy until he becomes a starter and misses easy throws, tosses a few picks, and is ultimately unable to get the "W." You quickly realize why he was the backup. 

The Fiesta logo is great as a retro alternate used from time to time with merchandise available for purchase, but it isn't a great fit as the starter. The colors are outdated, the font seems pixelated--very Sega Genesis-like--and, its biggest fault, is that it isn't wearable for those with fashion-sense (or so I'm told, because I'm not in that group). The colors stand out and don't have great versatility in blend. 

Players come and go but, as a kicker, the current group of players and their head coach have a personality more aligned with the new logo--plain and simple--as opposed to the older logo--more eccentric. 
Current Spurs Logo 

The new logo jumps out at you with the multi-layered shadowing, especially at the base of the spur, connected to the "u" in the middle. The colors (black, silver/grey, and white) mix well together and I like how they actually use the white. It is blended in as a part of the letter-outline and the shadowing as well as the lettering up top within the black-shaded shadow. Plus, points for the unique shape, an arched rectangular badge-like backing, separating the Spurs from several NBA teams. Most of the time, I love the more colorful logos, but much like I think Brooklyn owns the simple look in the East, I think San Antonio's got it in the West. 

Don't ignore the past--embrace it--but Spurs fans who want the team to bring back the Fiesta look as the starter, remember that there's a reason the team went another way at the beginning of the century. Like they seemingly have always done over the past 20 years, the Spurs got this one right. 
Awesome Sports Logos may not have a San Antonio Spurs logo yet but it does feature a Texas logo that fits in perfectly with the Lone Star lifestyle. If you travel along the highways of the great state of Texas, you will certainly notice some Roadkill. This Armadillo has had some better days but he still looks like he could stop a few pucks. What I love about this logo is the little details. The flies overhead and the tire tracks on the stick that also looks like hockey stick tape. 
Thanks for reading and thanks as always for your support. 
Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist 


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