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A Great Reason to Call The Las Vegas NHL Franchise The Snake Eyes

Dear Las Vegas and everyone that lives in Clark County,
As a former proud resident of the area, let me congratulate you in advance. You have done everything necessary to finally bring one of the four major sports to town.
There have been Outlaws, Posse, Locomotives, Wranglers, Sting and others that have tried and failed but to me that was more the league than the locals. Detractors will say that there is not enough support for a professional team. I say, Nevadans have never had a good enough product. A legitimate franchise that they knew would set up, embrace the community and become a fixture.
The new arena is gorgeous so all that is left is an announcement from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Oh yeah, one other aspect and that’s where we can lend a hand, a sweet Las Vegas NHL logo and team name. 
Let’s call the newest NHL franchise The Las Vegas Snake Eyes!

You are awesome for bringing this franchise to town Bill Foley and you had mentioned during an interview with radio station KHSP back in April that the domain names you are interested in for the team are gone.  The good news is you found the right place. 
At Awesome Sports Logos, we have the rights to:
They can all be yours along with the logo. We want the Snake Eyes to be among the top selling merchandise and we truly feel as though that can be accomplished. If the dice are an issue, we’ll take it out. We’ll even change the Snake if you want to but if you do a search of the term “Las Vegas Snake Eyes for NHL Team Name”, numerous pages come up.
What do we want in return?  Nothing for us but we would be honored if in exchange for the logo and website domains that you make a donation to Opportunity Village. If you live in Southern Nevada, then you know the amazing work that this charity does.
Cool Logo that supports an amazing local cause. Sounds Awesome to me!  Spread the word about the Snake Eyes by sharing this blog on your social media. You can also email me directly at
We can’t wait for the puck to drop!   Let’s do this Snake Eyes Fans!!
Gavin Spittle
Awesome Sports Logos
“Bringing back the fun and creativity to sports logos”


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