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Count us in for the Upcoming Hockey/Zombie Movie

Two of our favorite things have combined efforts. Hard to believe and I never thought this would happen. Then again, I never thought a Tornado would tag team with Sharks to create a viral sensation and 5 made for TV movies.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we love Hockey! And who doesn’t love Zombies?  Well, not real life Zombies. We’re happy with Walking Dead TV Zombies. So two of our fascinations have combined for a movie. We bring you the trailer for..get ready…. Ahockalypse!



A hockey team takes on Zombies. This is going to be a rough one but count me 100% in! I do wonder how much grip Zombies would actually have on the ice, especially if a Zamboni just put layed down a clean sheet of ice.

As luck would have it, we actually have a Zombie/Hockey sports logo. It’s hard to believe but true except this awesome t-shirt is more interested in stopping pucks than biting humans.


This Texas Roadkill has risen from the dead to play Goalie. We can also safely say that this Armadillo has seen better times but its shell doubles as some sweet goalie equipment. There are some small aspects of this logo that I really enjoy. The biggest is the Goalie stick tape. From a distance it looks like tape but when you get closer, you’ll notice that it’s actually a tire tread. I also love the flies taking advantage of the opportunity. If you find Roadkill along the Texas interstates, you’ll likely find some flies. I also like the black eye of the Armadillo. This is one of my favorite logos. Although it’s not a human Zombie, we’re patting ourselves on the back for being close enough with the Hockey/Zombie unlikely marriage.

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Fournette and McCaffrey are Making the Right Decision

The system is hypocritical. You can debate whether or not LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey should play in their respective Bowl games based on their teammates. That’s fair and I’m sure many will say that they let their team down.

That said, where is the same outrage for Tom Herman? He left Houston to take the Texas job before the Cougars played in the Las Vegas Bowl. He was the hottest coaching candidate and it was talked about all year. On Tuesday, Temple will play in the Military Bowl without their head coach Matt Rhule who is the new coach of Baylor. Once again, I’m fine with this. Better opportunity to improve himself and take care of his family.  My issue is we don’t fault coaches yet we jump on players for thinking of their future.  A sidebar note to ponder. If a coach leaves a school, any monetary penalty they face for leaving while under contract is covered by the next school. Meanwhile, if a player wants to transfer based on a coach leaving, they have to sit out a full year. They were made promises that were broken yet they are penalized.

Both players will not hurt their draft status by sitting out Bowl games. If they play like Jaylon Smith did last year for Notre Dame, you risk ruining a profitable career. Smith was likely a top 5 draft pick. The Cowboys took a chance on him in the 2nd round and it remains to be seen whether or not he will have an NFL career. For those that say, “well it’s rare that something like this happens”.  How many examples will it take? Isn’t one enough. Should we throw out Willis McGahee in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl?


You go to school to prepare yourself for the best career possible. That goes for any occupation including Professional Football Player. Maybe this will start a trend but Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett announced that he will play for the Aggies in the upcoming Texas Bowl against Kansas State. Garrett will be a top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.  I applaud him for making this decision, just like I applaud Fournette and McCaffrey for their decisions.

Schools make millions off of the players. Players should not be criticized for having a say in their future.

I know, I know, this is a serious blog. Usually I’m writing about a cool sports logo. Lets get to that with one of our funny t-shirts that is going over huge with the college crowd.

It’s our only made up city at Awesome Sports Logos. I woke up at 4a with the name Cocksville Blockers in my head. I know, why are things like this running through my brain. I got up and feverishly searched Google looking for Cocksville. Unfortunately my search efforts failed but the name was too good to pass up.


This guy looks like he means business on the football field. I certainly wouldn’t want to take on this Rooster. It’s our best seller and for good reason. When you wear it, people always ask, “OMG, where did you get that?” The OMG part might be made up but I’m trying to sound hip.

Get yourself some Cocksville Blockers. It’s sure to be a closet favorite. Or add it to your list as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club.

You guys are awesome, thanks for reading!

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The Future is Bright for the Dallas Stars

Since our Awesome Sports Logos World Headquarters is in Dallas/Fort Worth, it was awesome to see that hockey took over recently in an area that is not known for their skate lacing. That was not a game to remember against the St. Louis Blues. That was a Game 7 that Stars fans want to forget. 
Logos courtesy of 
Hopefully I can be your sports psychologist here at Awesome Sports Logos and turn that frown around. First and foremost, we can’t talk enough about the absence of Tyler Seguin from this series. This is a different series if #91 is in the lineup. To say that the Stars would win the series with Seguin isn’t fair to St. Louis but the Blues would certainly have to game plan for him. 
Learning to win in the NHL is a process. The Chicago Blackhawks are a perfect example. Before winning 3 Stanley Cups they were ousted in the Western Conference Finals in 2008-09. The following year, they won their first Cup since 1961. Let’s look at the steps this season. Winning the Central Division is a huge step. Winning your first playoff series since 2008 is an even bigger leap. It’s happening so let’s be patient. 
You remember how excited you were when Nomar Mazara got called up and made an impact for the Texas Rangers. Take that enthusiasm and double it because the Stars are stacked in the minors. How quickly we forget that two integral members of this team, Stephen Johns and Radek Faksa didn’t even play the full year with the team. They were call up’s. If he didn’t get injured, Brett Ritchie would have started the season on the main roster. You have Jamie Oleksiak and Patrick Nemeth waiting in the wings to play. Defenseman Esa Lindell is ready to come up and recent first round pick Julius Honka is close. Names like Curtis McKenzie, Jason Dickinson and Devin Shore will be fighting for roster spots.
The talent in the minors is deep and if you need to, you can use some of these guys to bring in another marquee name or two to take you over the top. If you don’t go that route, GM Jim Nill has salary cap money to go out and improve the club. Nill is quickly becoming one of the top executives in the NHL. If I was an opposing team and Jim Nill wanted to wheel and deal with me, I’d be nervous. He’s acquired big time talent without giving up a lot. Stars fans need to trust him and Lindy Ruff. They’ll fix the defense and the goaltending. If we see it, they see it. This combo has turned this franchise around in three years. 
This will be an interesting offseason and before you know it, they’ll be dropping the puck in September. This year wasn’t a fluke. This team is going to get better not just for next year but for many years to come. Heads held high Stars fans, the future is bright. 
How did I do? I love writing stories about teams in areas of our great country because there is such passion about sports. We actually have our own Texas hockey team and the logo hits close to home if you’ve ever traveled through the Lone Star State. In Texas, everything is big; including unfortunate animal fatalities on the Lone Star’s various interstates. One of the more common animals seen on the side of the road is the armadillo. While hawks and vultures refer to this as dinner, we prefer the name Texas Roadkill

We think this is one of our coolest logos. This beat up armadillo still looks pretty tough holding a hockey stick even with the black eye, surrounding flies and tire tracks. We hope you dig this funny Texas t-shirt as much as we do!
Thanks as always for reading!
Gavin Spittle
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The Allen Americans Win On the Ice and With Their Logo

Where is Allen Texas you might ask? That is an excellent question. Allen is about 35 minutes north of Dallas and is a thriving suburb in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They have a great school system with a high school football team that wins state every year it seems. You might remember Allen for the nearly 60 million dollar stadium it built for that football juggernaut only to see it shut down in 2014 due to cracking. It’s back open now.
What many people might not know about Allen sports outside of DFW is the Allen Americans, the ECHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks. They have been a huge success both on the ice and off the ice. They are on pace to have their highest average attendance ever this year and are in the top half of the league. On the ice, they have won three straight championships which is amazing with minor league hockey and rotating players. Two championships in the former CHL and last year, their first time in the ECHL, they captured the Cup.
Having a patriotic logo is tough because so many teams across the minors do this. If you do it, you need to nail it and I think the Americans did a real solid job. 
Logo courtesy of 

I really like the clean lines of this modern hockey design. The color scheme with the grey fits perfect and it doesn’t throw USA in your face. The puck at the bottom tells you that it’s a hockey team without having to say it. 
What I also love is the alternate uniforms Allen has been using this year. 
Picture courtesy of the Allen Americans Melissa Warren and Dianne Webster 

Usually two dark colors together can spell trouble but the dark grey with the darker red blends well  and has a real intimidating look to it. The look reminds me of something you would see from the Russian national team. I also love the touch of the Texas flag on one side and the American flag on the other with the colors of the flag also blending. 
So now you know a little about Allen Texas and with two President Cup’s, one Kelly Cup and a sweet sweater/logo,  you also now know the Allen Americans. 
We also have a Texas hockey t-shirt that is gaining in popularity. It’s the Texas Roadkill and this Armadillo means business. 
Granted it’s an Armadillo that has seen better days as you can tell from the tire tracks on the goalie stick and the flies overhead. Everything is bigger in Texas including the Road Kill along the major interstates. I love the little details in this logo which include the tire tracks on the stick instead of tape, the black eye and how Texas is written inside a splatter. If you love hockey, then get yourself some Texas Roadkill. Even better, include it as one of your choices for our T-shirt of the Month Club

Thanks as always for reading, 
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic
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