The History of the Blackhawks and Bruins Awesome Sports Logos

We are huge fans of the NHL and this year’s Stanley Cup Final, the first between two Original Six teams since 1979 has lived up to all of the hype. We hope it goes all the way to a Game 7. Here at Awesome Sports Logos, our goal is not only to sell our sports logo t-shirts but to also educate and inform you about sports logos which we feel is a lost art. So when you are watching the rest of this series, you can be the smartest person in the room when you tell them about these two teams facing off in the finals.

The Boston Bruins


In 1923 grocery tycoon Charles Adams became hooked on hockey. So much so, he convinced the NHL to expand to the United States which they did the following year. His cost to get a franchise, a whopping fifteen thousand dollars! Adams first hire was former player Art Ross as GM whose task was to name the team after an untamed animal that showed speed and agility. Ross came up with the Bruin after the childhood English fable “History of Reynard the Fox”. The colors of brown and gold were already chosen prior to the name because the grocery tycoon’s stores shared those same colors. They changed to black and gold in 1938 and switched to the “B” spoked logo during the 1948-49 season and it’s still worn today.

The Chicago Blackhawks


If you say that the Blackhawks are named after Native Americans you would be semi correct but here’s the tidbit that a lot of people don’t know. The team joined the NHL in 1926 thanks to coffee mogul Frederic McLaughlin. He was a commander in the 86th infantry division in World War 1. The division was named, “The Blackhawk Division”. The division was named after Black Hawk of the Sauk nation who played a part in Illinois history. You think today’s owners are hands on? McLaughlin was so hands on he hired 18 different coaches in 18 years owning the team. He once hired a guy he met on a train ride because he was impressed with his hockey knowledge. That coach was fired after two practices. Can you imagine the tweets if that happened today?

Ya see, now you have some fun facts to throw around regarding the two teams that are in the Stanley Cup Final and how their logos were born. Speaking of logos, we have some cool hockey sports logos that we’d love for you to take a look at. The first is the Brooklyn Leg Breakers which I wish the Islanders would change their name to when they make the move to Brooklyn. I just love the mob history involved, the innuendo, the initials N.Y. on the stick tape and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.


The second hockey team is the Portland Tree Huggers awesome t-shirt. I wouldn’t mess with this mean looking tree. Portland is an awesome city and the Tree Huggers t-shirt is a perfect fit for the Portland lifestyle.


This last but not least funny t-shirt is the Texas Roadkill. The home base of Awesome Sports Logos is Texas and we see plenty of road kill on the interstate. I actually got excited when I saw a live armadillo. I love the subtleties of this logo like the tire tracks in the place of the goalie stick tape, the black eye of the armadillo and the fly’s buzzing above.


Thanks so much for reading and taking a look at our awesome t-shirts. Enjoy the rest of the Stanley Cup.
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