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Milwaukee and Washington Change Their NBA Logos

Over the past week, a couple of NBA teams decided to change their look. First, it was the Milwaukee Bucks. They said “Buh-bye” to this logo…

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And hello to this…

No more red – probably to avoid all Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer association – and now he has 12 points instead of 8. All the more to . . . gore the opposition with. And if you look really carefully, you can see that the Buck’s neck is actually an M. Very creative.

Before we get into their rationale for the color switch, we need to point out the obvious. Their logo looks an AWFUL lot like the Jägermeister logo:

Here’s the real reason that the Bucks dumped red in favor of “cream” as a secondary color: the “Cream City Brick”. The clay near Milwaukee becomes creamy-yellow in color when it is formed into a brick. Those bricks played a major role in Milwaukee’s development in the late 1800’s, so much so that Milwaukee earned the nickname “The Cream City”.

According to their website, the Bucks also plan to use blue as a third color – partly to underline the importance of the Great Lakes, and partly to honor the Milwaukee Hawks (who used blue as a primary color), the first NBA team to play in Milwaukee. That said, none of the logos they have trotted out thus far have any blue.

The Bucks were not alone in changing their look. The Washington Wizards also made a change of their own.
Old Wizards logo


New Wizards logo

Both the Bucks and Wizards made it to the NBA playoffs. But where the Bucks are planning to make the shift next season, the Wizards are making that change NOW. 

I’ve never been a fan of the Wizards logo or nickname, even when they brought back the primary red and blue colors from their prior nickname: the Bullets (which they were known as from 1963 – at that point while in Baltimore – through 1997). And this logo switch seems to open the door for another nickname change. Why, you ask? 

For one, what happened to the Wizard? And two, the primary focus is the Washington Monument (along with 3 stars that according to the Wizards represent Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia). Could “Monuments” be the next name for Washington’s basketball franchise? We’ll have to wait and see.

With the NBA playoffs in progress, why not adopt your own hoops team? Especially ones with a localized meaning behind their look, like the Bucks and Wizards.

You could rock the voodoo flavor of New Orleans and get comfy as part of the New Orleans Curse:


Or you could rock something unique from our Panamanian Basketball League collection. My favorite is the Caimanes de Rio Abajo

We hope you enjoy!
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