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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals' logo is much like the team it represents: plenty of potential but just not quite enough fulfilled.

The red, white, and blue coloring is a no-brainer, but, I guess, kudos for not screwing it up. Building on the patriotic theme, the stars fit appropriately. While I can't confirm this, I feel like I remember hearing that some folks wanted to fit 50 stars in the Nats' logo and I am very glad that congestion was avoided. Plus, I'm glad there's a separation between the team and the country. Fifty stars seems a bit too incestuous. 

My favorite part of the logo is the cursive "W". While this incarnation of the Nationals is young, there still exists great history of baseball in Washington. The old-school letter represents the existence of baseball in years past--the Twins' Washington Senators and the Rangers' Washington Senators. I find that it's an appropriate marriage of old and new. 

As far as the shape and lettering of the encompassing ring all fit nicely. Like the coloring, it isn't a major positive but fits the puzzle just right. It's simple and to the point--a perfect juxtaposition with the cursive centerpiece. 

Simple is good. Simple detail, simple coloring, simple presentation--it can all convey meaning or messaging. Plainly simple, however, is just too simply plain. That's my biggest gripe with the Nationals logo. By golly, you're in our nation's capital, a place filled with all sorts of history yet it's barely utilized. 

What about this logo screams "Washington D.C."? 

The coloring? They aren't the only sports team with red white and blue. Shoot, you can even say that three of the five teams in their division feature those three colors (Braves, Phillies). 

The stars? Ummmmmm, you know, there is a hockey team named the Dallas Stars. 

My point is that while those elements fit nicely, they aren't unique and and in search of an element that ties everything together. 

My biggest gripe is the absence of a true graphic. Whether it's a monument or a historical artifact, this logo is void of culture. 

Speaking of culture, how about the Dallas Doughboys Baseball Club? 

We also feature the New York Zouaves with a sports logo that highlights this civil war infantry.

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Jared Sandler
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