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Sports Logo Review of the Minnesota Twins

My familiarity with the Minnesota Twins was heightened at a young age thanks to the kids movie, Little Big League. Billy Heywood was a legend and Lou Collins was that guy everyone wanted on their team. It's also one of the catalysts that helped me settle on Ken Griffey Jr. as my favorite player ever, but that's besides the point. 

The movie, plus the real-life team's struggles as I was growing up, gave them an underdog, easy-to-like status. I think those leanings always left a positive connotation with their logo, but, recently, I discovered something that makes me even more partial to the logo. More on that coming up…

First, let's get something straight: the Twins's logo is pretty darn good, but not great. It has all the elements I like--color scheme, significance, and simple detail—but lacks that star quality that takes it over the top. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.
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You can never go wrong with (scarlet) red, white, and (navy) blue as your colors…it is just really tough to mess up. And I think they play off each other really well, too. One thing I’ve always felt about the Twins’s color scheme is that the red, either on its own or because of how it plays with the other two colors, always had a bubble gum look to it. Not to get too graphic, but the red kind of looked like strawberry gum, which I’ve always thought was great, considering that gum and baseball go so well together. 

I like that the three colors share duties in featured spots: the red owns the main letters while the blue dominates the ring around the baseball, and the white owns the baseball itself. Then, all three colors accent one element, too. The red serves as the baseball’s seams—a very natural look, obviously—the white letters inside the blue ring, and the blue outlines the red lettering. They all star and support. 

The logo doesn’t have a Minnesota skyline or falling snow or “Babe the Blue Ox” or anything that, graphically, represents Minnesota or the Twin-Cities…except, of course, the name. It gets a pass because the name, itself, is what represents the location. The Twin-Cities is such an identifiable part of Minnesota, so it is fitting that it gets representation. Most logos do it graphically, while the Twins do it nominally. Maybe that takes a way a little bit, because it lacks a more graphic tie, but I think the artwork is strong enough to supplant that absence. 

I mentioned earlier that there was something I just recently noticed. I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but the portion of “Twins” that is underlined is simply the “W-I-N” triumvirate of letters. I think that is subtle enough to not be cheesy, but strong enough to send a fun, kind of hidden (even though it is right out there), message. 

Overall, I’ll give the Twins logo a B+. 

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