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The United Shore Professional Baseball League has Awesome Logos

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, our promise to you was to bring you cool logos from all over the world. We especially like to bring you sports logos that aren’t as well known but are just as impressive. This is the case with the four teams in the United Shore Professional Baseball League.

About one year ago the league was formed in Utica Michigan. The goal of the league is to get young kids noticed and ready for Major League Organizations. In fact, nine USPBL players were signed by MLB organizations in just the first year. That is truly impressive. The league started as 3 teams and has since expanded to 4 with more to come. Two cool aspects of the league to point out before we look at the logos. The first is all teams play in the same stadium. While they may have different names from the area, they all play at Jimmy Johns Field in Utica Michigan. This to me is a terrific idea. No travel required and less expense. They also play all of their games Thursday through the Weekend. Prime time baseball watching in a gorgeous new ballpark and it’s so much easier to attend a game on these days rather than a Monday or Tuesday night.

One other note, the USPBL streams all of their games live on YouTube. It’s pretty awesome to see a league not afraid to lose box office draw by showing their games. I think it attracts people to the ballpark and I also love how family members of these young pros get to watch their relatives in action.

Let’s get into the logos. Even though there are only four, this logo designer absolutely deserves an A+.  The USPBL logos blow many other leagues away with their creative names and logos. Other designers and leagues should take note of these designs.

 The Utica Unicorns

Logos courtesy of

The red, purple and grey colors work really well. I love how the red mane of the unicorn also acts as an underline to the team name. A cool feature is the unicorn horn coming from the U in Utica. You don’t notice it at first glance. The horn going through the baseball ties in the sport perfect. In fact, from all four of these logos, they do a great job incorporating baseball.

The Eastside Diamond Hoppers



This is an awesome original name. Double meaning with Diamond Hoppers as a frog and also as someone speedy on the bases. Great touch with the frog catching a baseball with fly wings. You could even say that the Hopper is catching a “fly ball”. If that’s the case, then A+++ for that double meaning.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers



Beavers make such great mascots and this is no exception. This Beaver looks like he is ready to launch one. My favorite part of this logo is the chipped wood bat that he is swinging. It’s those little touches that make a great sports logo.

We saved the newest member of the United Shore Professional Baseball League for last.


The Westside Woolly Mammoths


 This logo has some terrific details. I love the lettering especially the bottom of the lettering. That little touch throws you back 10,000 years ago like a caveman chiseled it. You didn’t need a baseball cap on the Mammoth but it’s a great little touch. As is the ball curled up in the trunk. To top it off, the Mammoth is stepping on a base. Even their team saying, “Go Big or Go Home” is a great tribute to the ice age era beast. There is also some history here. A Woolly Mammoth fossil was actually unearthed in Michigan back in 2015 so it’s a perfect tie in.

I can’t say enough about the coolness of this league and their logos. Four for four with sports logos with some terrific baseball in a cool stadium.

Awesome job USBPL!!

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